Why join Us

Working in insurance or one of the many related fields offers opportunities that extend far beyond the bottom line on your paystub, or the walls of your workplace. Insurance agents are part of an increasingly innovative and dynamic field that attracts people from all walks of life. It’s a career path that offers real opportunities to grow and learn every day, a career in insurance can help bring your goals and dreams within reach. Back when you keep claims low. Be first to learn how p2p insurance can save you thousands each year and get notified. Insurance is also an essential, diverse industry that affects almost everyone in this country. From businesses that need liability coverage to individuals who simply want health insurance, there are few people who don’t have insurance coverage of one type or another.

Whether you set out on your own or join a larger company, a career in insurance provides the opportunity to:

  • Make a difference.
  • Advance your career.
  • Learn a variety of skills.
  • Work in a stable industry.
  • Start a new career quickly.

We also open internship program to work with university student.

  • TheInternship for finance/Islamic finance student

  • Internship for Business Admin student

  • Internship for Mass Comm students

Join Our Family

We’re seeking bright, vibrant and passionate individuals to join us on our journey to becoming the preeminent Life Insurer in Malaysia. With its diverse geographic footprint, We provides excellent opportunities for people looking for challenges. Our work culture is based on six values – People, Customer Focus, Performance, Entrepreneurship, Integrity and Respect. If you are proactive, forward-thinking and innovative, consider a career at MAD Group as a Life Planner.

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